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What to Write on Wedding Cards

A wedding is a joyous and emotional occasion. The ceremony itself takes a great deal of planning and the bride and groom will typically spend quite a bit of time deciding who to invite. If you have been invited to a wedding, it is customary to give the bride and groom a wedding card. These wedding cards will go on to become some of the treasured items that the couple will have from their wedding. Learning what to write on a wedding card is something that can make the card even more special to them.

Write something Personal

Remember, you have been invited to the wedding because you share something special with the couple. When you are writing your message, make it something personal. Address them as a couple and share your joy with them in a special way.

Give your Blessings

Another great way to help the bride and groom feel special is to show them how happy you are for their union by passing along well wishes for the future. The idea is to celebrate the new union and you can do this by offering your blessings to the bride and groom in their wedding card.

Keep it Short

Unless you are an extremely close family member or friend of the bride and groom, it is best to keep your message fairly short. The couple will be opening your card along with many others, so they may not have time to devote to reading a lengthy message. If you do wish to write something longer, present the couple with your card to be read at a later time, after the festivities have died down some.

The bride and groom want nothing more than to celebrate with their family and friends at their wedding. You can help share this excitement by offering them a wedding card. If you would like to learn more about what to write on a wedding card or are looking for something special for a particular bride and groom, be sure to contact us


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