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Wedding thank you card wording tips-How to make sure you let people know how much you appreciate their gift.

When people are preparing for their wedding, they spend a lot of time focusing on the details for the wedding day. Dresses, tuxedos, music, menu, venue, church, etc. etc.. Have you thought about what to do with your wedding gifts and thank you cards? For many couples, the thank you cards are going to be the first piece of mail that they send out after tying the knot. The wording you choose inside these cards will let your guests know how much you appreciated their thoughtfulness. Here are a few tips that you can consider when preparing to send out cards.

1. Keep a list of wedding gifts received and who gave them to you.
A list of gifts with names attached to it will help you tremendously after your wedding is over. During the reception is when most people will show up, place their gift in a designated area and then walk away to enjoy the food and company. The bride and groom normally don’t show up until the guests have already arrived.

Consider designating a few people (friends or family) who would be willing to help you be a “welcome party” for your guests. Ask them to introduce themselves if they don’t know the person and then have them offer to take the gift to a nearby table. While one person is carrying the gift, have a second person escort the guests to their table if there is assigned seating or point them towards awaiting tables. Keep a notebook and pen near the gift table and have your friend make a quick note such as “Uncle Rick and Aunt Jane-small box with blue paper”. You can even have them write a small number on the gift in marker and then write “Grandma Betty-12″ in the notebook”.

2. Use your list to help you write personal thank you cards, specifics are important.
At some point in your life you have either attended someone else’s wedding or you are going to in the future. When you take the time out of your life to look up someone’s gift registry, purchase, wrap, and even deliver the gift to a wedding reception, which one of the following sentences would you make you feel more appreciated:

  • Thank you for your gift.
  • Thank you for the wonderful (insert gift name here).

If you are like most people you would rather read a thank you card that actually lists the gift that you gave the person. This attention to detail makes people feel that you truly appreciate the specific gift that they picked out for you.

3. Cards do not need to be long, just sincere.
When it comes to wedding thank you card wording, brevity and sincerity will speak volumes about you. People sometimes dread writing thank you cards thinking that each one needs to be a hand-written novel expressing their love and appreciation of the chafing dish that they received. Nothing could be further from the truth. A good example of a sincere thank you note might look something like this:

“Grandma Betty, thank you very much for the kind gift of His and Her matching picnic table covers. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and we will think of you every time we use them.”


These few tips should help to ease some your frustration when writing your thank you cards. If you have any questions that we may be able to help you out with, please feel free to contact us .


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