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Top 5 Questions About Wedding Invitations

The invitation gives your guests their first impression of your wedding. Whatever style of wedding you’re planning, the invitation sets the stage. As you begin planning your wedding invitations, here are some of the most common questions.

How far in advance should we send the invitations? Save-the-date cards are traditionally sent six to eight months before the wedding.

Invitations usually go out six to eight weeks before the wedding. Send the invitations at least three months in advance if you’re planning a destination wedding. This gives guests enough time to make travel plans and arrange their schedules.

When should we set the deadline for guests to RSVP? Make your RSVP deadline at least three weeks before the wedding. This will give you a head count in enough time to take care of the final details.

It’s a good idea to include response cards with your invitations. Without them, many guests might not realise that they should write a note to respond to the invite. Don’t forget to include postage on the RSVP envelope.

If any guests have not responded by the deadline, give them a call and find out whether they’ll attend.

Should we include registry information? No. It’s considered impolite to include registry information on save-the-date cards or invitations; it implies that you’re asking for gifts. Have your close family and friends provide the registry details to guests who ask. If you have a wedding website, include a link to your registry on the website and direct your guests there for the details.

Where should we write the return address on the invitations? The return address is written on the back flap of the envelope. Be sure the return address is the address of the person who should receive response cards.

If we’re planning an adults-only wedding, how can we make this clear to our guests? Address your invitations to each guest by name. This will make it clear whom the invite is meant for.

Need ideas for your wedding invitations? Contact us to find out how we can help.


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