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Tips for Creating Your Wedding Stationery

Tips for Creating Your Wedding Stationery

There are many aspects to the wedding planning process. One of the earlier decisions you should make is your wedding stationery. Don’t wait until the last minute. You want to make this as early as possible so you can send things out on time.

  • Have a theme in mind. During the earliest stages of your wedding planning, you are going to come up with a theme. Keep this theme in mind when you’re creating your stationery.
  • Know how many people you are inviting. Yes, you’ll need your guest list for this task. We need the numbers and contact information.
  • Know if you need to supply a extra address and location details on the invites, and would these be better on their own card. We can add the extra card if needed to keep your information looking neat and proper.
  • Order more than needed. Yes. You will want to have extras on hand for last-minute guest list additions. You will also want one of each piece for your wedding scrapbook.
  • Make sure that you have got an up to date addresses of all the guests. An updated list will save time and money.
  • Buy stamps! Posting a letter is an old-school activity, so don’t forget to add the stamps before sending them out. If you are sending a large number of invites, consider purchasing a roll of stamps.

Please contact us for help with creating your wedding stationery. We look forward to helping you with this planning task in a timely manner.


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