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The Wedding Invitation–Just One Of The Cards You’ll Send

The Wedding Invitation–Just One Of The Cards You’ll Send

The wedding invitation has come to mean much more than simply a card inviting you to a wedding. When you plan your big event, don’t forget to set aside time early on to meet with your stationer–even in this digital age, you’ll need several genuine sent-through-the-post cards for all the events leading up to the big day. Here are some of the cards you’ll need, and when to send them.

Save the Date Card

As soon as you set the date, you’ll need to send family and friends a card letting them know the basics–when and where. If you’ve created a wedding website this is the perfect venue to tell everyone, so they can keep up with the details online. You might want to use your engagement photo for this card.

The Invitation

Easily the most important card you’ll send, the components of invitation can be tricky. Traditionally the bride’s parents requested the honour of your company, but you can use whatever language you like on the card. If you would like a single guest to bring a date, say so on the envelope–“Miss Penelope Smyth and Guest”; for an established couple use both names. When you don’t want single friends to bring random people to your wedding, just put their name on the envelope. The same rules apply to friends with children–if they’re invited, names go on the envelope.

Reception Cards

When your reception is not the same place as the ceremony, or you’re having a small wedding and larger reception, this small card provides the location, parking information, and the time if guests are coming who aren’t attending the ceremony.

Response Cards

The response card is an elegant way to get a head count.

Thank You Notes

You’ll want these quickly, as the gifts start arriving soon after your announcement. Writing thank-you notes in the whirlwind of planning seems like a lot, but if you keep up early on you aren’t completely overwhelmed after the wedding, when you just want to relax.

We can help you sort through all the stationery you’ll need for your new life, so contact us to learn more about our services and selections.


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