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Should You Elope or Not Elope?

Today many Australian couples are choosing to have a “red wedding.” (No, not the Game Of Thrones’ “red wedding” where all the great characters died within a matter of minutes.)

The kind of wedding where a couple spends as much as they want to have their “perfect” wedding — the wedding they will never forget. And they won’t forget it because the average cost of an Australian wedding is $65,482 per The Herald Sun in Melbourne. This is today’s “red wedding.”

Unless a couple is given the money to pay for their wedding, most couples begin their married life in debt because of the cost of their wedding, reception and honeymoon. If they have student loans which are not paid, that’s one more debt to add to the newlyweds’ marriage.

To elope or not to elope? That is the question. 

The internet has a variety of sources regarding the pros and cons of whether to elope or to go traditional. Even Easy Weddings has an article online regarding the “Do’s and Don’ts of Eloping.” As the engaged couple, however, the decision is ultimately yours.

Here are a few factors to help you in your decision to elope:

  • Deciding which friend will be your maid of honor
  • Keeping your sanity and avoid becoming another Bridezilla
  • Having a destination wedding just became an option
  • Inviting family to join you is another option
  • Picking a dress that you’ll actually get to wear more than once, and
  • Using the money you saved on a lavish honeymoon!

Planning a party after the elopement and honeymoon is another way to share your marriage with family and friends. Plus, you and your new husband will relax and enjoy the party — without the pre-wedding worries!

The advantages of having a traditional wedding include:

  • Creating binders with pictures of gowns, cakes, table arrangements, and bridesmaid dresses
  • Paying $1000 or more for the perfect wedding gown
  • Deciding your colors, bridesmaids, bridesmaids’ dresses, and the seating arrangement at the reception
  • Picking out your wedding cake (however, tasting samples is fun!)
  • Picking out the food and band or dj, and
  • Worrying if the flowers will wilt, your dress will fit, and the groom will show up.

And that’s the short list of planning a wedding. Whether to elope or not simply comes down to the couple and their ideas of their perfect day. In either case, you can still have a beautiful wedding filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

For more information or help deciding whether to elope or go traditional, contact us. Our staff helps couples decide the avenue that is the best choice for them!


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