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4 more tips for writing save the date cards

Thank you cards are a common courtesy after someone has offered you a gift. This gift could be presented under a number of circumstances; birthdays, graduations and weddings are the most common. While writing thank you cards is something that can take some time, it is also something that is considered polite after receiving a gift. Here are some tips to help you get started the right way.

Handwrite your Message
Nothing is more special than a thank you card that is written in your own hand. It shows that you are truly appreciative of the person’s gift and that you took the time to thank them properly. The message doesn’t need to be a lengthy one, but writing it by hand will make it more special to the person receiving the card.
Be Personal

When you are opening your gifts, make sure that you have someone keeping track of who presented you with each gift. Later, when you are writing out your thank you messages, be sure to reference the gift that the person gave to you. This will allow you to show your gratitude for both the person and the specific gift that they gave to you.
Be Timely

While you shouldn’t feel pressured to send thank you notes out immediately, it is important to send them out in a timely fashion. Proper wedding etiquette says that it is best to send out thank you notes within three months of the wedding. This allows you to have the time you need to personalize each note and get settled into your new life.

Sending thank you notes is an important part of receiving a gift. Not only will you be able to show your appreciation for your gift, but the person who provided it will know that you thought of them and that you are thankful. To learn more about the process that you should go through when writing thank you notes, be sure to contact us.


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