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3 DIY Photo Booth Options For Your Wedding Guests To Revel In

While your photographer catches classic shots of you and your guests, your guests can show off their imaginative sides and have some fun with a photo booth! For the host who wants to get creative, here are
3 DIY photo booth options for your wedding

  • Casual.
    Find as many random props as you can! The more unique and fun, the better. Look for picture frames in various sizes and bright colors, and remove the backing and glass so guests can frame their faces. Or leave the glass and decorate it with window clings! Hand-held chalkboard signs are also a good way for your guests to show their own sense of humor. Don’t forget your backdrop–something as simple as a wall of colorful streamers can still add flair to any picture.
  • Seasonal.
    Having your wedding during the winter? Make snowballs out of cotton balls so guests can pose in the act of throwing “snow” at each other. Cut out snowflakes from plain paper using a template, and string them up over a red or green background, or see if a relative has an artificial Christmas tree that you can put together and decorate with tinsel.
  • Classic.
    Your guests are all dressed up, so let them show off! Put up a black backdrop, string clear lights over the top, and find movie-star props. Feather boas, fancy hats, big sunglasses, and hand-held masks are good starters, and you can easily find parts for these props at craft stores.

Make your reception memorable and interesting for you and your guests with your own take on the popular photo booth.

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